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Born in Gioia del Colle (Ba) Italy November 6, 1963, astrological sign Scorpio. Professor of Jazz Singing in Italy at the Conservatory of Taranto "Paisiello" and Conservatory of Matera "Egidio R. Duni"VII 1984 years of piano major at the Conservatory " Piccinni "in Bari. 1990 Achievement scholarship of Beerklee College of Music for the Corsican keyboards and computers held by Joe Zawinul and Dan Mash. 2004 Second place at 54 ° Festival of Italian Song Sanremo with the song "Sei la vita mia/You are my life" and third place prize for criticism "Mia Martini." From 2008 it is President of the Commission of Artistic prestigious Mia Martini He is self-taught, since tiny performs in singing competitions region boasting of his two tours, almost always in pairs with her brother Gianni, at Rosini Duo (now his brother performs alone around for Italy,) gaining consensus from the public and professionals, "Cantapuglia"'76 (winners, also hacked LP) with Gianni Roman, Enrico Beruschi, Elizabeth Viviani and Franco Rosi, "Cantagiro"'80 with Daniele Piombi, nell'82 open Dionne Warwick concert performing at the Bussola of Viareggio. Musician to 360 °, ranging from Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, New Age, Sacred, also recorded in 1989 on a vinyl album of music for documentaries and reportage for Fonit Cetra Rai, 1990 to 1993 ranges in New Age music for Freeland Sergio Pisano with the supervision, collaboration and production of Pino Daniele with the album "Magamusica" Special Guest Star Drums Billy Cobham, Aura Sonora special Guests Stars Rossana Casale and Mick Goodrick and Mediterranean Central "Guitar special Guest Star Pino Daniele, in 2000 pop single" Release "ed. Caliel Turin, 2004 edit Coffee Concert Italy Frederick Monti Arduini (the lighthouse keeper) its executive producer, pop single" You are my life ", 2005 pop album "Looking for You", 2006 pop single "Sexy Sexy" and "I am not / You 'ottobre2006 exits the first jazz album entirely" Be my love ", in which the only focuses on piano and communicates a technical and expressive Interpretative really uncommon, in September 2007 for the new radio single "Innamorarmi yet." What the singer and musician considers his teacher is Rossana Casale: <Jazz loves more than me, is an artist complete our long friendship and collaboration has allowed me to participate at his instrumental album "Reflections" 2002, and in duet with the song "One hand on heart" entered the "On a night flight, 1996>. It boasts collaborations, Edward De Crescenzo wrote the song "I made my" added to the "Is the sun" 1989, pour Iva Zanicchi "Y tu étais tu "inséré dans l'album "Comme je me voudrais"1991, for Dirotta on Cuba "last dance" added to the "Fly" and in 2002 with Simona Bencini duet with the song "It's raining" inserted in the "Inside every moment" 2000. 2006: Participation instrumental (piano) Rossana Casale of the album "Circus Imagination" and author with R. Casale and A. Zuppini track "Micol the wire." His musical tastes range from Stevie Wonder (his idol) to the classical composer Debussy. Many are concerts Squares Club and Italian in addition to various television holdings. Opened the concert by Michael Bublè and Al Jarreau, in concert with Bobby Mc Ferrin, performed in the USA To Atlantic City at the Taj Mahal; Rome to the "Piper" Milan "Salumeria music"; Rome to "The Place"; Rivoli (To) at the Maison Musique and Messina to Coral Gardens "Tribute to Mia Martini"; to Naples Noir Jazz Club; Milan Milan Gospel Festival Chorus with Wanted; Milan at Blue Note; Rome Casa Del Jazz; Rome Alexanderplatz Jazz Club, Rome, St Peter's Square in the presence of the Holy Father Pope Karol Wojtyla at the XIXa World Youth Day, interpreting a beautiful liturgical song "Your love is great" National Service of music and singing of Renewal in the Holy Spirit with whom he collaborated on two albums; Ischia (NA) in the 2nd edition of 'Ischia Global Film & Music Fest in 2004 Pascal Vicedomini, has the role of protagonist in the musical "Eleven the musical" Michele Santeramo; Capri (Na) 2006 musical guest da na edition "Hollywood International Film Festival" International film festival; 12 October'07 with the first at the Teatro Francesco Cilea of Reggio Calabria and follow Theaters in major part of the peninsula Recital with Giancarlo Giannini and Silvia De Santis "Back to the south" Marcello Veneziani directed Cosimo Damiano Damato, Mario as a pianist and singer performs music by Franco Battiato in a Jazz. December 2007 is to Rai 2, Michael Bovio, deputy Manager of the experienced Tg2 and expert of the Italian and international musical universe that after having discovered the abilities to create in extemporaneous, he has wanted it in its index book Tg2, expressing everything of its fancy of interpreter and arranger performing improvisations of famous passages that the history of the Italian song has done. Among the innumerable local and national broadcast shares, live is exhibited on Rai Radio Two to the “Fegiz Files”, the critic's program musical Mario Luzzato Fegiz and on Radio Montecarlo to the “Montecarlo Night” program of the international expert of music Jazz Nick The Nightfly.